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How can I make Labview interface via the NI PCMCIA-GPIB to Agilent E4402B?

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I don't know if you're familiar with the Instrument Driver Network, but there are hundreds (thousands?) of free instrument driver libraries for LabVIEW and other NI environments. I looked there for an E4402B and unfortunately did not see a driver available for that instrument specifically. However, you may be able to find a driver for a similar instrument and use it as a template for controlling the E4402B.

You can find the Instrument Driver network from (look under Technical Resources drop down list)
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Have you looked on the Agilent web site at

If you seach for E4402B you will find a link to the product page. Follow the link for Software Patches and Drivers on that page. You should see a further link to the plug 'n' play driver. Follow that link until you find the driver link ESA VXI PnP Driver A.03.00. This is an EXE file you download. Just follow the instruction. It has the LabVIEW interface you are looking for. Dont worry that it is making reference to VXI. Some times the you have to use the Convert CVI FP to obtain the LabVIEW driver VI.
I've recently used the E4406 drivers and that did have the required VI's.

The NI PCMCIA-GPIB doesn't required anything special other than the GPIB software that comes with the card. LabVIEW just treats i
t the same as any other GPIB card.

Hope this helps.
Ray Farmer
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