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Creating an Ececutable including full VISA support to ensure USB capabilities

Dear All,


I would like to create an executable code that will be easily transfered onto a PC on which LavView is not installed.  The main target is to read and write via USB using VISA READ and WRITE VIs (USB RAW model).  The driver for the external C8051F340 microcontroller was customized by means of VISA Driver Development Wizard.


To create the Executable I used the Build Application and Shared Dll option from the Option menu.  In the Installer Settings Tab I ticked Create Installer option and went to Advanced.  I included all options that form LabView Run-time Engine, checked Serial Port Support and Port I/O Support and Buit the executable.


On the target PC the installation passed successfuly and what remained was to install the USB driver that was customised by using VISA DDWizard.  I was not aware of how exactly to transfer the driver and what I did it simply copying NiViUsbK.SYS, NiUsbTmc.sys and NiViPxiK.sys files from C:\\Windows\system32\drivers.  I picked the *.inf file that VISA DDW generated and installed it on the target PC. 


So, when I plugged the external device the driver was installed successfuly.  My problem is that I cannot make the LabView executable work there because the VISA resource name is not recognised.  Then I used VISA Find Resouce VI (a very simple program which I also made executable) which did not find any USB resource names but only COM and LPT ports.  Here is the expression I used to seach: USB?*::0x10C4::0x03AD::?*::RAW.


Can someone help me to solve that problem?


Thnak you in advance.


Best regards.

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You must be using an old version of LabVIEW. The option for Serial Port Support was last seen with 7.1. Port I/O support does nothing for you and the VISA is only for what it says - serial/ com ports and thats not what you have.


Why don't you try installing the full VISA run-time? The latest is 4.4.1

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Hello Denis,


Thank you so much for your advice and help.

I am going to follow what you say and if I have more question I will ask again.


Thank you!


Rrest regards.

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Hi AndDel


Hope you're having a good day. I've got some information here that you may find useful if installing the latest VISA drivers doesn't have the desired effect. This KB entry and the related links towards the bottom of the webpage should help give a good idea of how best to use NI-VISA USB RAW mode.


Also if you take a look at the LabVIEW Context Help for the VISA Find Resource function, you'll see that the function can only search for the following criteria - GPIB, GPIB-VXI, VXI, All VXI, Serial, or All - not for USB devices.


Another source of useful information can be found if you look in the LabVIEW help under VI and Function Reference>>Instrument I/O VIs and Functions>>VISA Resource Name Control.


If after installing the latest VISA drivers and looking at this information you still have no luck with getting your application up and running, please let me know and we can take further trouble-shooting steps. I hope this helps!


Kind Regards

Jeremy T
Technical Marketing
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Hello Jeremy,


Thank you so much for the useful information.  I read you message late this evening and I'll try your suggestions tomorrow.

I will come back to you in case I still cycle without any success.





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Sorry to ressurect a 3-year old thread, but I'm having the exact same issues trying to deploy a LV executable that communicates with a USB RAW device.


I install the drivers that came with the device and Windows recognizes it. So far so good. I unplug the device, install the .inf file that the VISA DDWizard created, and plug it in... Windows still plays the "device connected" sound, but I don't see any [USB::___::RAW]  entries in the VISA Resource Name Control.


LV version: 8.6

NI-VISA runtime: 4.4.1

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Thanks for posting. It could be because you need to create a USB VISA Driver for your device. You can do so by following the instructions here

ShalimarA | CLA
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