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Communication with Hameg 1008-2 oscilloscope via TCPIP



I'm new with LabView and I try to communicate with a Hameg 1008-2 oscilloscope. I installed the osci in the Measurement & Automation Explorer with device type "TCP/IP Raw Socket". If I start the VISA Test Panel for the instrument I can communicate with the osci. For example if I write the *IDN? command I get the instrument name, version and so on. Now I tried to create a VI with the same configuration but in VISA read I don't get an answer but the error message 0xBFFF0015 (connection time out). Additional I tried to create the VI directly with TCPIP Protocol and tried same other configurations for TCP/IP RAW with the some results.


For more details see the attached VI.


I'm thankful for any help



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Hello  MichaelWetzel,

in your case I assume you should have time delay between your write and read VIs.

Please have a look at the following example:

Basic Serial Write and


Your VI:




Basic Serial Write and


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Hi Michael,

Did your program worked finally? I am having same problem, could you share your file ?





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hi, we are trying to communicate hameg hm1008-2 oscilloscope with labview using USB. but we still can't get any signals please any help or advices 

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This is an old thread and since USB is not the same thing as Ethernet, unrelated to your problem. Please start a new thread with details. It's important to know the type of USB connection. It can either be USBTMC or RS232. How is it listed In MAX? Can you communicate at all with the *IDN? query?
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