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Cannot connect to Arcus DMX-ETH through ethernet

I cannot connect to this stepper motor through ethernet in MAX.  I have turned off the firewall and given my computer an IP address on the same subnet.
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How do you have the device connected?  I would recommend using a crossover cable directly to the computer.  Can you ping the device, or communicate with it using any software provided by the manufacturers?  

Have you taken a lookat this tutorial for using Ethernet devices with VISA?


-Christina W.

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I have the device connected with a crossover cable directly to the computer and I cannot ping it or communicate with the VB software provided by the manufacturers. 
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If you can't ping it or use the vendor's software, I don't see how this is a problem in MAX or anthing related to NI software. What does the vendor recomend you do?
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I am having the same issue. I connect a crossover cable. I can ping it. I start the ARCUS SOFT-EXE-PMX-4ET-SA-131 software supplied by the vendor and the software comes up correctly for about a second and then crashes. I have had this issue with other models of the motor too. I try to use MAX to establish a VISA TCP connection with a port of 5001 and it is validated, but then has a red x. Finally, I use PuTTY and I can communicate with the controller using a raw connection, but as soon as I send the wrong command, mispelled command or invalid command, the controller disconnects form the session. I can restart the session and continue sending commands. Their VB software is of no use for TCP connections.

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I give you the same advise as Dennis did but more explicit.

Contact the supplier and tell them their software stinks.

greetings from the Netherlands
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