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Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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Agilent PNA E8364B

Dear all,


I like to use Labview to control my Agilent PNA E8364B to save the waveform (at various measurement points).


A local Labview technical support has given me the example "Labview - GPIB", and we managed to establish the connection between Labview and the Agilent device. This is achieved using the *IDN? command and we managed to get back a message. However, I understand that this is a very low level method of communications, where we read/write to the registers.


Separately, a local Agilent technical support provided me with "", but I am a bit unsure if this example provides any "high-level" communication methods. Can anyone advise on this?



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I can understand Agilent being clueless but anyone from NI should have skipped that example and simply told you to download the driver by going to the LabVIEW menu Tools>Instrumentation>Find Instrument Drivers. What a driver is and how to use one can be found at the Instrument Driver Network

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We have a LabVIEW driver available for that model

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