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ATE does not recognize other models of measuring instruments connected through GPIB


I've a ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) which has many measuring instruments connected to it through GPIB. Recently one of the oscilloscope was not working & I tried to replace with a oscilloscope of different model, the ATE does not recognize the new instrument. As the only communication means is through GPIB, I presume that the issue is on GPIB connection. Is there any setting or configuration that I must do besides setting the GPIB address at the replacement oscilloscope?
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It depends on how it is used (controlled) by your ATE.
Have a look at MAX and see if MAX recognises this device.
If so, there's probably a device specific command or driver involved.
If not, there's a communication problem. Does your replacemnt scope communicate via GPIB per default? Or do you have to activate this communication port?

Greetings from Germany!
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It's also certainly possible that the ATE software was written for a specific make and mode of scope. It's two different things when the ATE software doesn't recognize the scope and when the gpib controller itself doesn't see it. Each make and model of scope will return a unique string when queried with the *IDN? command and it's common for ATE software to check this before proceeding and sometime different models of scopes from the same manufacturer will have different command sets. Do you have access to the software? Can you check what the ATE program is doing? Do what Uwe recomends first and if MAX finds the scope, I would suspect the ATE program.
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