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16-bit application fails to to communicate in Win7



We've got a legacy 16-bit application (written in Borland C) that is in the process of being re-written  (due in ~6 months). In the meantime however, we're also being forced to upgrade our OS to Win7.


The 16-bit app works on our XP machines. It communicates with a Keithley 7001 switcher and  2002 DMM via USB-GPIB-HS.


However when we try to run the app on Win7 we initially get the error: "can't find gpib.dll".


We tried copying gpib.dll from an XP machine with the following results:

- When trying to run our app it fails immediately with an assertion error from the "send_data" method.

- When trying to register the .dll we get the response: "The module may not be compitiple with the version of windows you're running..."


Any help to get this app "across the finish line" is greatly apreciated.









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I installed NI-488.2 3.1.1 - that was the trick!



From the documentation:

Enhancements and Bug Fixes in Version 3.0

DOS and Win16 Support

Previous versions of NI-488.2 for Windows did not install DOS and Win16 support on Windows 7 or Vista



Thanks a bunch!


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