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Servo motor

Hello guys..

I have a project (manipulator arm) so im using 5 servo motors... I make the true programmation.. but in the simulation only 3 of them works an the 2 others servo don't.. i buy a transformator 220-12v and a regulator 12v-5v.. but the same result..

I wanna ask what can i do to let them all works.. and i wanna know if labview can generate more than 3 servo motors or the problem is with him..

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Well yoo have given us pretty much zero information as to how your entire setup looks like. What motors? Type, Make and Model. What servo driver do you use?


We have written professional apps in LabVIEW where it controlled more than a dozen servos, and communicated with several dozen measurement devices, handling recipies and storing all the data to disk. It’s quite some work to write something like that but LabVIEW sure can do it.

Your problem may be a limitation with the used hardware, or a simple programming error but with the information you gave we can only say that it sure can be done with LabVIEW if you use hardware which can do it and program it properly.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Im using two servo motors mg996r and three servo motors sg90..

Im using labview 2018..

The problem is that when i try to control all the servos in the same time.. i can't and only 3 of them work..

I open a new vi in which i make the programation of one of these servo don't work.. but he works correctly in the new vi.. but when i go back to the vi i made the programation of the 5 servos only three works.. that's my problem... If u want i can capture a video and send u the programation.. to give me a solution.. and thanks

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this is the vi 

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Your code should have worked as long as the channels configured for servos are in fact supported for Servo functionality by the library.


Cleaned up and simplified your implementation to use the N channel variant of the APIs for faster response.






VI attached in LV2016


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Soliton Technologies
LabVIEW + TestStand + TestStand Semiconductor Module (2013 - 2020)
NI STS for Mixed signal and RF
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It's all done.. the problem is that my arduino uno can't generate more than 3 servos so i bought an arduino mega and it's all done.. 

But can you please capture a video how did you make the programation you send it to me..

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