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Raspberry PI to I2C LCD



I have a Raspberry PI 3B which I've managed to get working with LINX on Community Edition 2022 Q3. I'm able to control gpio fine. I'm now trying to see if I can get a 20x2 LCD with I2C adapter board on the back. I know that the PI can see the I2C device via 'i2cdetect -y 1' returning a device on address 0x27. I'm trying to understand how to use the hobbyist I2C library. I've found the following example




The things that I'm unsure of:


- Do I need to open a different LINX resource type for the I2C or do I just feed in the output of LINX Open Local?

- The above example included arduino commands being fed into the byte arrays. Is this correct for RPI or do I need to find a different set of commands?

- I've set the I2C channel to 1 as it returned an error saying port 0 was not available.

- Does anyone already have this working and can provide an example?


Thanks in advance.





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Ignore my above question at this stage. I misunderstood something I was reading about the I2C interface on the example I pointed to. I need to try and locate what the actual commands are that I need to send over the communications. Reading up on that at the moment.





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