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Packed Project Libraries (PPL) on Raspberry PI

Has anyone successfully gotten PPLs (i.e. LVLIBP) working with Raspberry PI with a startup rt exe? I have not had any luck deploying apps and getting them to run on startup if they use PPLs. I created a very simple project that builds a very simple PPL for the Raspberry PI target. It is one VI that simply outputs a string constant "PPL works!!!". Once built, I drop the PPL VI onto a test VI block diagram (in a new project for the raspberry pi target). On the test VI block diagram, I write the string output of the PPL VI to file along with a loop counter so when it runs headless as a startup rt exe, I know that the VI runs successfully.


Weirdly, I can successfully run the test VI in development mode (via the run button) on the Raspberry PI target and it deploys the test VI and the PPL and then executes it all successfully, i.e. I see the string and loop counter update in the output file; however, I cannot get the startup rt exe version of test VI (and PPL) to run when I deploy it as startup and reboot. Remove the PPL and boom the test VI runs, add it back and it fails.


I know for PXI equipment it is possible to look at the controller in NI MAX and see if there were any issues during the launch of the startup rt exe, but I dont know how to check the Raspberry PI to see why the VI may not be running successfully. Any ideas?


In addition, I have tried to modify test VI to open and call the PPL subVI dynamically and this enables the startup rt exe to run, but it returns an error out of the open VI reference. The error is error code 74, which is "Memory or data structure corrupt". I will reiterate that the PPL is built for the raspberry PI and does work when run in development mode (via the run button) so I know the data structure is good.


NI technical support was unable to troubleshoot this issue since it is technically an issue with a hobbyist toolkit - meaning it is not covered under normal support. Any help is much appreciated.


Can you make a PPL and use it on the PI? If so, how?!?

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