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How to solve ERROR 5001: A timeout occurred while waiting for the to respond

Hi everyone, I am using a continuous servo motor (MG996R) with an external power supply (4 AA battery) using Arduino MEGA 2560 as the microcontroller. The purpose of the programming is to stop the continuous servo motor at certain blockage level to rotate for 1.85 seconds.

However, I keep on running into this error 5001 and I don't know how to fix it despite countless hours of troubleshooting. Please look over my VI and let me know if I did a mistake somewhere.

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looks like a timeout error.

apparently you are using a 64bit version, can you try on a 32bit version?


check this post that have a nice solution for several servo motors at once.



Jorge Augusto Pessatto Mondadori, PhD
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Hi, thanks for the reply. I already tried running using the 32 bit version, still the same error 5001 that occured. btw, it is only for 1 servo only.

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