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Digilent WF32 with strip LED WS2812B



I have some trouble to control more than 80 Leds with the LINX Toolkit. (board Digilent WF32)
With 75 Leds or less everithing works great but when I try to control 80 leds or more I get an error :


"Error 5001 occurred at :

Write N LEDs.vi >>
WS2812 Write N Pixels.vi >>
Send Command.vi

Possible reason(s):

A timeout occured while waiting for the ChipKIT WF32

The erro occur"

You can see on those screenshot where the error occur, it's about the comparaison with Bytes at Port from the com.
But I don't undersant why this error happen when I whant to control more Leds. Because the tram that I send is longer ?

If someone can explain me that, It will be great!

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Just looking at the image you included, there is a configurable timeout.  Have you tried increasing the timeout value?  It may take the device longer to respond when controlling more LEDs.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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Yes, I tried to increase the timeout to 500ms but I get the same issue.

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It is possible to update a part of the LED buffer on the WF32 and then call the refresh vi to send the buffer to the LED's. WS2812.png

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I've done that to avoid the problem I had.


I write this post to understand why this issue occur.


Thanks for your answer anyway 🙂

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