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Hardware clocking error # 200550, PCI-5122

The PCI-5122 does not pass the self test. It says "error 200550 occured. Possible reason: Hardware clocking error occured". I'm not using any external clock and my PC is 3Ghz pentium with Windows XP and Labview 7.0. Uninstall/install of NI_Scope and NI DAQmx didn't help.
By the way, if I put PCI-5911 card instead of PCI-5122 into the same PCI slot, it works fine.
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Hello Danraz,

It sounds like you have followed all of the recommended steps for troubleshooting for this type of error.  As one additional step you could test it in another PC if you have one available.  Unfortunately, you will most likely need to send your board in for repair.  Please contact support to make arrangements.  You will be asked to provide them the serial number of your board in order to have the board repaired, and they may also verify your troubleshooting steps at this time. 


Jennifer O.
Product Support Engineer - High Speed Digitizers
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This error can be caused by a loose connection between the two boards on SMC based products.  If you look at your board you will notice a long board and a short board.  There are two standoffs that connect the side of the short board furthest from the BNC connectors to the long board.  There are two large black connectors running between the boards near these standoffs.  Check that these black connectors are firmly pressed together and that the screws for these two standoffs are tight.  If this does not fix your problem then the board will need to be sent in for repair.


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