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Urgent Help: initialize device ID problem

Hi all,

I want to write an image to the graphic card memory. And then at another part of my program, I read it from graphic card memory and display it on the monitor.

My questions are:

1- What does this error mean (the picture below)? And how could I solve it? I used "default: 0" for Device ID in initialize device block.

2- How should I convert an image data format to 2D data and vice versa, in order to wire it to CUDA download and upload blocks?



My program is about first writing 2 images in the graphic card memory. Then reading and displaying them one by one, alternately in a loop.

Trying this algorithm is for displaying images in very short intervals and the fast way.

Do you have any idea for writing this code?

Many thanks in advance.

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Based on the error message it seems that an environment vairable %CUDA_PATH%\bin is not valid.

I'm wondering if your CUDA drivers are installed properly, I am not sure if the NI software does that for you or expects this to be installed by NVIDIA.

I would check if your NVIDIA CUDA drivers are isntalled properly, and most importnatnly if the Environemnt Variable exists on your system.

Hope this helps,


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