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Visualizing Live Flexlogger data on a Web Brwoser?



I am working on a project using FlexLogger and am wondering if I can present my graphs and data on a web browser in live time? So as Flexlogger reads/presents the live data I'm measuring, it is sending it to a website that others can access and see the same graphs that I have set up. I am new to FlexLogger, so any advice or direction helps! 


Thank you!

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There are a few different ways of doing this:

1) Publish the data to SystemLink. You can turn on this option by going to the menu Project>>Settings. Then select the SystemLink deployment option you want.

Here are links that explain how to do that:

Connecting FlexLogger to a Remote SystemLink Server - NI

Connecting FlexLogger to SystemLink Cloud - NI

Once this option is enables and the channels are published, you can view your data on a SystemLink Dashboard:
Monitoring Data with Tags - NI
Visualizing Tag Data on a Free-Form Dashboard - NI

2) If you'd rather use/develop your own web page, the way to do it is still to publish your data to SystemLink as described previously, but then you can develop your own web page using the NI G Web Development software.
What is G Web Development Software? - NI
This addon will allow you to read the FlexLogger data published by SystemLink and displaying on a graph in a web page you develop.

This video shows how you can do that:
How to Build a Web UI for Your LabVIEW-Based Test System - YouTube


3) Finally, if you own LabVIEW, you can develop your own web service to serve the data

After publishing the FlexLogger data to SystemLink (First step described above), you can create a LabVIEW web service that reads the SystemLink tags and serve this data.

Then you can develop your own web page that calls this LabVIEW Service.

This link describes how to create a web service in LabVIEW:
Tutorial: Creating and Publishing a LabVIEW Web Service to the Application Web Server (Real-Time, Wi...

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need help implementing one of the solutions above.




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