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FlexLogger Equations

Is flex logger capable of taking integrals of a function, for instance I have an accelerometer that I would like to read velocity/displacement.

I would like to know of a way to measure displacement on a graph from my sensor. 


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Hi Nick,


FlexLogger does not have the ability to integrate an input channel. You can create calculated channels to perform simple operations on input data, but integration is not one of them.

calculated channel.png

You would be able to do something like that by creating your own data acquisition program in LabVIEW and using the discrete integration function.



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Hi NickCollins12,


Thanks for reaching out. As Jordan mentioned, today we do not have the ability to take the integral of a channel using a calculated channel, but we are always looking for feedback from our users on additional functionality for the product. Out of curiosity, are you able to provide any additional information about the application where you are trying to read the velocity and displacement while measuring the acceleration with an accelerometer to provide us with more context? Also, are you needing to see the velocity and displacement while the test is running or would it be acceptable to post-process this data?



Tommy G.
Product Manager - Search
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Thank you for your responses. I am looking to setup an experiment where I can measure the damping ratio of a forced vibrating spring using accelerometers. I suppose I do not need to visualize the data while it was running but it would be an added value for the project to see the displacement over time wave generating. I will probably use the Diadem to post process my acceleration data for the proper plots and calculations.


Thanks again,


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This functionality would be hugely helpful for us.


For example, sometimes we need to pressurise a tank at a specific rate. To control this rate I'd twiddle a needle valve, watch the tank pressure graph and eyeball the gradient. It'd be much better to be able to see the actual rate of change directly.





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Hi Nick and Rafe,


Thank you both for all of the information regarding this feature request. Like I mentioned earlier, we are always looking for feedback/feature requests from our users on usability or functionality of the product. Providing this insight allows us to understand the need and allows us to evaluate and compare this request compared to others to determine when and if it can make it in the product. If you have any more information or feedback on this feature, please feel free to add it here or directly reach out to me at tommy.glicker@ni.com.



Tommy G.
Product Manager - Search
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Sorry for bumping an old thread. I would also appreciate Displacement and velocity functions for the accel channels if possible in flexlogger. 



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Another bump for velocity and displacement in FlexLogger! 

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And if NI People do decide to include Velocity and Displacement function for Accel channels, please create a Highspeed graph that can display multiple channels instead of just one.  

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By highspeed graph do you mean our frequency graph? If not our highspeed graph can already show multiple signals at the same time: 



Group Manager
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