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Dynamically writing channel parameters for FlexLogger plugin

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I'm attempting to dynamically write channel parameters in the Process.vi portion of a FlexLogger plugin. I can't seem to write to the parameters more than once in the Configure.vi, and it will not change again after the first write even if there are Plugin-level changes. 


Am I doing something wrong here? Do I need to "re-add" the channel to the Plugin class or something?


Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm making a reply to my own post in case anyone comes looking for an answer.


So there is an inherent problem with my methodology here. The parameter feature at a channel level still triggers a event, so dynamically writing to a channel parameter triggers an infinite loop that the FlexLogger cancels in the background.


Long story short - don't do this. 


The goal of this plugin was to send string data representing system state as well as waveform data. I will make a separate post about sending strings to FlexLogger if you are looking for something similar.



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