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Analog output by file



is there a possibility with FlexLogger, to have an analog output signal, which is generated by a file (CSV/TDMS....)?

With Diadem DAC, the output channel can be driven by a file, FlexLogger currently just seems to have a manual input for the voltage.


Background is the following: I want to control a dynamometer, by giving 0-10V Signals to the control unit. The dynamometer has to bring a defined load curve to the testing object.


Thanks in advance

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You could use the FlexLogger Plugin Development Kit to read the file and create an input channel for the data file, then use the Map Input to Output feature in FlexLogger to set the value of the analog output to the channel you created with the PDK.

That's a bit convoluted, but the only way I can think of implementing your request.

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Thanks a lot, i will try if it works for my problem

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