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newbie-can't find devices cfp-1804

Hi all!

Here is my problem, other than being a complete newbie to all of this, I have established an ethernet connection to my cfp-1804 but when i click on "find devices," I get an error saying "Unable to connect to the data item on the module.  Possible causes: (1) A connection is broken, or (2) the network module is not powered on."  Now, it says it is connected and running so i am confused on where to go from here.  When I setup the connection, I chose "suggest values".   Should I have chose somthing else?  Thanks for any help!

stuff I'm using...
labview 8
crossover cable connected directly to my PC
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nevermind, ip my configuration was wrong.  I disabled my wireless card and did "suggest values" for the ip configuration.  now i can see all of my IO devices.
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Hi taniarox,

Glad you were able to figure out the problem.  Getting the cFP networked, and setup always seems to be half the battle.

Brian K.
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