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lvbrokeraux82 error



I am student who is going to upgrade the controlsystem for a robot using Fieldpoint. The system installed was made using LabView 8.2 and Fieldpont 5.2.0.

The problem is that I am using LabView 8.6 and Fieldpoint 6.0.3. When I start up MAX I get the system up under Remote systems and I am able to read/write to

the system from MAX, but when I try to start up the old program from LabView I get an error saying there is a different Real Time controller on the target and host computer.

The error also says that I can upgrade the software on the target using MAX and Add/Remove programs. When I do this I get the following message: LVBrokerAux82 requires a version 8.2.1

(or compatibel) LabView Run-Time engine. So I seem to find myself in a loop here. I hope I can get any help here!



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And I am using a cFP2120
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