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load cell resolution

Can someone help me calculate the smallest change in weight I will be able to read with the cfp-sg-140 and a 10 lbs load cell with a 10 volt excitation and 3mV/V output. I know this module is 16 bit 2^16, but how do I translate this to pounds or grams??? How about if I use a 5 lbs load cell??


Thanks a million in advance for your help....

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Have a look at page 9 of the following document:

FP-SG-140 and cFP-SG-140 Operating Instructions

Adnan Zafar
Certified LabVIEW Architect
Coleman Technologies
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The manual explains the scaling procedure but I dont have any doubts on that.


I actually meant the smallest change that the cfp-sg-140 will detect with that kind of load cell. Do you know the resolution that I will be able to get out of such configuration????

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Just do the math.

 You would need the 3.5 mV range for a 3 mV/V input.  1/2^16 x 3.5 mV/V is 1 part in 65536 is .0534 microvolts/V

Take that times 10lbs divided by 3 mV/V = 1.78 e-4 lbs

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