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internet connection of Compact Fieldpoint controller

Hi all, I have this Compact Fieldpoint controller of cFP-2120, I need to make it stand-alone & also to be able to get my data directly from internet. Is there anyone who know's how to do it? Thanks=) For the controller's mannual I came across this sentence of "In order to configure the cFP-21xx, it must reside on the same subnet as the host PC. If you want to use the FP-21xx on a subnet other than the one the host PC is on, first connect and configure it on the same subnet as the host PC, then reassign a static IP address for the subnet where you want it to be
and physically move it to the other subnet." Do you all know what does it mean? Is this feature for stnad-alone or for internet connection?=)
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   You seem a little confused about networks, am I right?

   The thing is that to configure your cFP, it must reside on the same subnet as your PC.  I make an example: you can assign your PC a static IP address, example, subnet mask, then your cFP-2120 will have to be inside this subnet, that is to   If you connect your PC to cFP-2120 through a cross ethernet cable, you can set your PC IP address to and cFP-2120 to   With this gear, you configure, program, and test your cFP application.

   If I understood your needs, you need to place the cFP-2120 remotely, and collect data over Internet, isn't that?  If so, one way for doing this is activating a web server on the cFP-2120, for which you can find examples.

   The next step is to be able to view your cFP-2120 remotely, because of course you can't keep IP addresses you used for configuring cFP-2120.  When placed remotely, cFP-2120 will reside on a different LAN, I suppose, and you need to access it from your PC.  Unfortunately, I have no experience on this, but I think that once you configure cFP-2120, create application, create the web server, then you can turn to remoting cFP-2120.

   Some useful application notes are here, in particular take a look at links at the bottom of the page.

  Hope this helps!

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