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i bought a machine controlled by fp1600 it does not comunicate with its own laptop i been told is missing a program called bridge view anybody now where to find it

i bought a machine  (shock absorber dyno)    controlled by fp1600. it does not comunicate with its own laptop. i been told is missing a program called bridge view anybody now where to find ?


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BridgeVIEW is a very, very old program that worked with fieldpoint controllers.  I would say at least prior to 2005.  Who said it is missing Bridgeview  (a person, or some error message on the equipment?)


It was replaced by Fieldpoint drivers by 2005.


Is this old hardware and an old laptop you are trying to work with?  Did this equipment ever work together before?  What has changed since then?  Are you trying to deploy an old applicaiton on a new laptop?


Try contacting your local NI sales rep, they might be able to track down a version of bridgeview for you.  But that may not be enough to help you.


Tell more about your applications and what versions of software it is using.

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Hello thanks very much for interest it is indeed an old machine it is a shock absorber dyno. it is made by maxwell industries and for sure it was made before 2005. i think it should have been made around 2000 in the manual of fp1600 it saying that the fp1600 is using labview soft then there is the maxwell program in the laptop and to comunicate the two the bridgeviw is used according to an it person that tried to help fp1600 controller is working and the maxwell program also is workilmg and he re intalled it as we have the cd, it came with the machine . he cannot find the bridgeview to make the two comunicate. maxwell have been very bad they said in a very short mail that nothing is available for this machine i bought the machine a few months before and i bought it like this i am sure before it was working
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Try contacting your local NI sales rep.


Meanwhile I tried googlilng Bridgeview national instrumetns download and came across several links including

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