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how to write temperature data into my compact flash card?

Hi all, I've read some information about the compact flash card, quite a few of them say that if I want the data to be save in the external memory of compact flash card, I would have to write to D drive instead of C drive. However, what are the steps I can do to write it into my D drive? Is it that I must do something to my VI before I can save the data? Thanks. 😃
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You would still need to use the same functions as if you were reading and writing to a hard drive.  You would just have your file path point to d:\ instead of c:\.


I would recommend that you use a producer/consumer architecture and have the data written to the compactg flash card in larger chunks rather than a point at a time.  This will save some wear and tear on the card which has a finite number of write cycles in its life.

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Erm, sorry what do you mean by some functions? So what steps can I do to make it write into the card? Thanks. 😃
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The functions on the file I/O pallette.  There are functions for opening, writing, reading, and closing files.  You may want to look in the example finder to find examples for reading and writing to files.
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