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Hi, I have recently upgraded a system from fieldpoint modules to compact fieldpoint.

I have a cfp-ctr-500 module which I use to generate a pulse output, a terminal count attribute is used to program the length of the pulse (5-1000ms) and the output is on channel 0.

With the old system this worked very well but with the compact fieldpoint module I cannot get any output.

If I make an output mode attribute then select 1 it takes the output high, when 0 is selected it takes it low.

with the old modules I had an attribute called control @ch1 which I set to true to send the pulse, cfp seems to have different names.

Getting very frustrated that I cannot get it to work, any help would be great.






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What fieldpoint module were you using before switching to the CFP-CTR-500?


Are you outputing a single pulse on demand or a continuous stream of pulses?

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The original modules were FP-CTR-500 RS485 coms and the new modules are cFP-CTR-500 ethernet coms.

There are two modes of operation.

Mode 1 raise the output to a steady level for a time between 1 minute and 60 minutes, this is working ok by setting the output mode for the channel to 1.

Mode 2 single pulse of variing length, set by setting the terminal count to appropriate millisecond count.


Pin 9 and pin 15 are linked together,output 2 to gate 0.



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