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c# and cfp2120

Hi all,

we are going to deploy a project using c# and mStudio to directly read from analog input on cFP-2110/cFP-AI-110 and cFP-CB-1.


The easier way, for what it is our knowledge, is to use NI-DAQmx and DAQ Assistant but, so far, we aren't able to discover the device.


Of course we have the device listed in Measurement Studio and we can ping it.


Shall we use some other tools or are we just doing something wrong?



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You can't use DAQ assistant or DAQmx functions for compact fieldpoint, only for DAQ devices such as PCI cards, SCXI systems, ....


You need to use the fieldpoint drivers to communicate with fieldpoint devices.

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If you use datasocket object in c#, you can access shared variables easily. These shared variables can be created with "NI variable manager" and can be routed directly physical channels of cFP. DAQmx is not avaliable on network communication.

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