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Writing to excel files in 30 minute increments.

I am trying to figure out (using a compact field point) how to write to excel files in thirty minute increments.  By this, I mean, logging data for 30 minutes closing the file and immediately opening another file in 30 minute increments until the program is stopped.  It would also be nice if the file names could be predetermined.  What I am trying to do is log fast response sample data for thirty minutes at a time.  Currently, I have a program that logs the data and sends it to a file, but it is only a single file and runs until I stop the program.  Any information would be extremely helpful.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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You just need to have sometiming in the VI that waits for thirty minutes. After that amount of time close the reference to the current file, Open another (with a different file name), and start logging to that.

Just use the File I/O VIs to open and close references to files. And try using the "Elapsed" to determine when Thirty minutes has gone by.

Hope this helps.
Rick Kuhlman
Applications Engineering
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