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What causes :Error -33800 occurred at FP

Dear All
I have a 2015 FP controller with 9 modules on its own bank and a 1601 module with two moduels a network bank. When creating a simple VI running on the FP controller that operates a DO on the 1601 network bank, I get a -3380 error code.
Error -33800 occurred at FP
Possible reason(s):
FieldPoint:  Unknown communication error/warning.
Attached the VI returning the error, and the IAK file.
søren h. jensen
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The system would not let me attach the iak file, but here is the VI.

Message Edited by søren hallberg jensen on 12-12-2006 12:17 PM

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Trying to add the Iak file again.

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This file is an iak file, pls rename from .vi to .iak

Message Edited by søren hallberg jensen on 12-12-2006 12:19 PM

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It turns out that I could solve this -33800 problem, by specifying a timeserver to the network (1601 module). Initially I tried specifying the FP controller as the timeserver, but this did not work. Then I added the PC as the timeserver and this solved the problem. Attached find a screenshoot of the network modules in MAX, red boxes indicate old timestamp (I/O time not yet updated and new timestamp (I/O item updated).
I can find no logical explantion to the problem/solution, but it did cost me 2 days of troubbleshooting.
søren h. jensen
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Update 28 aug. 2007: Using LV 8.5 on FP controller. I ran into the same problem, updating the timeserver IP somehow fixed the problem once more. The timeserver can be set to the IP of the module/contrller itsel, the master computer (the PC) or, if networked modules (such as a FP-1601) to the controllers (FP-2015) IP address. I never really found out why this works, but somehow it does.
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We have seen this error occour if there is an IP collision between the FP1601 network module and some other unit on the network. Therefore, if you ever encounter the -33800 error, please disconnect you device and ping your IP address to check if another device is using the same IP address.
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