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Using a Microdrive with compact fieldpoint

I have been running a cluster of 5 compact fieldpoints for a while now for logging and system control.  Up until now, i have been logging the data onto a compact flash card on each of the fieldpoints (cfp-2120).  I have been suffering reliability problems with the CF card and so have decided to swap to using a microdrive (I don't need the capacity - just the reliability and fast access).  I have put a microdrive in the unit, formatted to FAT32 but the system fails to recognise it  (even though the drive functions as it works with a USB reader)
Any ideas?
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I have formatted the drive to FAT and still no joy.  I have heard that that some micro drives are IDE not CFII - Not sure how to tell though
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There are devices called Microdrive, manufactured by IBM and Hitachi, that are hard drives in the CompactFlash format. They claim to be compatible with Type II Compact Flash, therefore they should work, but they have never been tested. The cFP-2x20 can take either Type I or Type II CompactFlash. Also, these drives could range up to 4.4Gb or greater. Be aware that it is suspected that drive sizes larger than 2.2Gb may not be accessible on the cFP-2020 system due to the FAT file system.

Link to CompactFlash Association :
Link to Wikipedia Microdrive :

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Yatin | NIUK & Ireland

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