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TC 125 LED

Dear All,
I am programming a TC 125 field point module, but its Channel LED is always off whether does i connect any TC, does anyone know why?
I know it is supported to be red if no TC connected and off if TC connected...
any ideas? thaks!
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of course, i have set the range already...(-270 to 1770) celsius
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Below is a section of the cFP-TC-125 Operating Instructions that describes when the red LEDs will be lit.
"When the module detects a signal outside a configured temperature range on a channel, the red LED for that channel lights. Signals outside the configured range include those that indicate open thermocouples.  The red LEDs do not light in response to out-of-range signals on channels configured for the –20 to 80 mV range."
You can find the cFP-TC-125 Operating Instructions here.
Ching P.
DAQ and Academic Hardware R&D
National Instruments
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Yes, i didn't connect any TC to the TC-125 and already set the range to -270-17xx celcius ( Not in voltage range), but the LED still turn off ? Even i connect a TC to the socket, the reading always show me -270c,
But i replace any other TC-125, it works normal.
1. LED turn Red, when no TC connected
2. LED turn off, when TC connected, and the reading is around 25c , which shows correct temperature reading.
So , i really suspect that the hardware (TC-125) got something wrong, but i am not sure.
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I think you are probably correct, it is probably a broken module.  I suggest calling us here at NI to try a couple troubleshooting techniques and if that doesn't work, set you up to return the TC 125.

Reggie Rector ¦ Applications Engineer ¦ National Instruments

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