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Is it possible to connect a RTD temperature sensor to the FP-AI-111 module?

Is it possible to connect a RTD temperature sensor to the FP-AI-111 module? If not, does National Instrument have an input module that is compatible with RTDs?
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Connecting an RTD sensor to a FP-AI-111 module probably won't do anything useful for you.

Take a look at (c)FP-RTD-122 and -124, 3 wire and 4 wire input modules, respectively.

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Thank you, I'll do that!
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Just want to make sure; you are talking about connecting the sensor directly to the module, not
using a transmitter.  Is that correct?  You will need one of the RTD modules to directly connect
the sensor; if you are using a transmitter, then the AI-111 may work just fine.  Sorry for the

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Yes, I want to connect the RTD directly to the module if possible. We are not sure yet if our RTD is of the type that's compatible with the FP-TC-122. It appears that the FP-TC-122 is designed to work with platinum RTDs. Ours may be 10 ohm copper, or 120 ohm nickle. We're measuring winding temp in a 161kv/13.8kv substation transformer. Still trying to learn what type of RTD it will be equipped with. We believe it is 3 or 4 wire, but don't know its resistance yet.

If the RTD is not compatible with the TT-122, can you recommend a transmitter that would allow connection with the AI-111?

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There is a (c)FP-TC-120 module which is used with thermocouples.

The (c)FP-RTD-122 can be configured for 100 ohm or 1000 ohm RTD sensors,
or can be used just to measure the resistance directly.  In this case, you will
have to calculate the temperature from the resistance yourself.  Do you have
a data sheet or part number for the sensor you are using?

As far as a transmitter, it will really depend on the actual type of the sensor.  Omega
has a broad selection of transmitters that will convert the sensor reading into a
4-20 mA signal that the AI-111 can use.

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Thanks Matt, that's a great help. I'm researching the RTD type at this time.
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Here are links to the FP RTD modules:

And to the cFP RTD modules:

Trey B
Applications Engineering
National Instruments

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