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How do I handle I/O between a networked cFP and a TPC-2006?


This is part of a project I started some time ago. I am using a cFP-2120 and associated I/O devices to run several stepper motors with pulse width modulation.

In addition, I am reading voltage signals. The original designer was using a desktop, along with the Fieldpoint vi's, to read/write to the cFP's I/O devices.  I was

tasked with taking this application, and making it run from a TPC-2006, which is linked to the cFP using an ethernet network, instead of a desktop computer.


I built a top level VI using the Touch Panel module in Labview 8.5.1. Unfortunately, I was unable to compile a vi, which contained the Fieldpoint read/write polymorphic

vi's, to the TPC-2006 target. So I built and deployed a VI to the TPC-2006, that contains no Fieldpoint vi's, with the intention of using shared variables to communicate

between the two devices. However, I have run into trouble getting any sort of vi installed on the cFP without the "Real Time Module."


Now I am becoming concerned that it is impossible to execute this project. Is it possible to read/write to the cFP I/O from the TPC-2006 over an ethernet network?

Is it possible to deploy and run a labview VI on the cFP-2120 without the Real Time Module? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Best Regards,





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You will definitely need the RT module to develop/deploy to the cFP.  Did the original designer have the RT module?

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Hi David,


A Fieldpoint Controller offers two ways to communicate to connected I/O. First since it runs a RT OS you can download your Fielpoint API to the controller and it runs directly on your FP target. Second, every FP controller puplishes the I/O data via logos protocoll automatically. Thus there is no need to run code on your target.

That was probably the way your program was running before.

Try the different ways to communicate, as described in this KB, to see whether it works with your touchpanel. It could be that you have to install datasocket on your TPC target first.



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Thank you for your response.  I really appreciate it.


The original designer did not have the RT module.   He was using he published I/O data.  Perhaps the methods described in the link would help.  Unfortunately the link seems to be broken.  Could please repost it. 


In the mean time I will look into installing datasocket on the tpc.


Thank you,



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Hi gifunk,


If all you need is the IO directly from the cFP definitly use the FieldPoint API (simple reads and writes).  If you want the cFP to act like an intelligent controller I would look into the CVT and CCC components that NI has made.  They were created for exactly what you are refering to.  Here is the links:

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Sorry that was the wrong Link. Here is the correct one: Link



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