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Hi all, losing connection

Hi all,
Been writing a vi split between a cfp-2020 unit and a tpc-2006 screen.  However, after about 10-15 mins the connection disappears, and both have to be reset to re connect.  I suspect it's something in the 2020's side.
The 2020 vi is written in 7.1.1 and the 2006's in LV8 (name starting with PDA).
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Quick question are you using this in a network configuration or are you linking the tpc 2006 and cFP 2020 direct with crossover cable?


If you are testing this over a network then I would suggest swapping to a crossover cable and see if you get the same behaviour. I would also suggest upgrading or down grading your VIs so that they are all using the same driver versions and LabVIEW versions. Not using the same versions of drivers and software can have allsorts of compatibility issues which can sometimes be nearly impossible to find.





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Hi Tim, sorry I didn't get back to this thread earlier.  I think the alert to a new post must have got lost somewhere in the interweb's ether 🙂

In answer to your question, I'm using a crossed CAT5 cable to connect the two together.

I am also using Labview 8 (PDA) on the 2006, and 7.1 on the 2020.  However, when using my laptop instead of the 2006, still using LV8 on the laptop and 7.1 on the 2020, I get no disconnection at all.  The connection speed is a steady 100 mbps, as shown by the green LED.

I'm starting to wonder if there is an error with my 2006 unit.

Disconnection still takes place between 10 mins and half an hour, wheter or not a 'button' is pressed on the 2006 screen.

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Hi Fios,

Is it possible for you to upgrade your fieldPoint software to LabVIEW RT 8?


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How do you know there is a disconnection? Is it from TCP communication that you start getting timeouts? After you are "disconnected" is it possible to ping the touchscreen PDA? Version mismatch is no problem when you are communicating via TCP, so I think knowing the communication protocol and the nature of the disconnection are important to elaborate on.

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