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I am attempting to control a single pump using an FP-AO-210 and every time I try to write a voltage to the channel the red status light comes on.  I have reviewed all of the specifications for the FP-AO-210 and the pump controller, and I can't find any parameters out of range.  I originally had an FP-AO-200 wired to the pump controller, but I had similar problems - the red status lights would illuminate for channels 0 to 4.  Thinking that this module might have been damaged, I swapped the AO-200 with the AO-210.  At this point, I don't know if this is a hardware or software issue.  I would appreciate any advice to help resolve this issue. 

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How much current is needed by the pump control? Sounds like you are exceeding teh capability of the module, from the manual:

Current Limit Detection

Each channel on the [c]FP-AO-210 has a monitoring circuit that

detects the amount of current flowing into (sinking) or out of

(sourcing) the channel. If this value exceeds the maximum

allowable (1 mA with no external supply; 10 mA with external

supply), the circuit lights a red

STATUS indicator for each

affected channel, reports the error to the network module, and

adjusts the output voltage so that only the maximum allowed

current flows. The error is reported before the output is adjusted.

The indicator may start to light dimly as the limit is approached.



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Thank you for your response.  At the time I posted my question, I was convinced that the impedance of my pump controller was too high, as you suggested, and that I would not be able to control it with this system.  However, I decided to use a multimeter to ensure that I had everything wired up properly, and as it turns out I had the V and Com wires crossed.  Once I switched the wires, everything worked perfectly. 



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