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FP-AI-100 Bad Channel Status

Dear Members,

 I am using 'FP-2000' filed point for DAQ from different sensors. Recently, the field point was not powered up after switching the power supply. I changed the power module from an other spare filed point and now it is powered up, all LEDs working properly. However, I can not now able to read the values from channels. I checked 'FP-AI-110' module using 'MAX' software and observed that all channels showing 'Bad channel status reported for unconfigured for all contained channels'. This error message is displayed for ALL 8 channels. However, only 4 channles have been conected to sensors and rest are left empty. Could anyone help me to fix this problem?





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Dear All,

 I fixed the problem. Actually the power connection to FP-AI-110 module is not proper and now reset it. Thanks



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   could you demonstrate the detailed configuration how the FP-AI-110 module is not properly connected to the power?  Since I met a similar problem 



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