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I have an FP-1600 that had been powered off for several months. After power was applied the status led was on indicating that the unit was not configured. I configured the unit with Measurement and Automation Explorer and restarted the unit. Since the unit was restarted, I have been unable to communicate with it. I have tried to put the unit in reset mode but that apperars to fail also since the status LEd never comes on. The power, link and 100 Mbps indicators are all on and appear normal but I cannot communicate with the unit. All help would be appreciated.
Model FP-1600
Part No. 185690E-01
Serial No. C9E779
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It sounds like the device is malfunctioning. You can attempt to update the firmware on the device but I recommend calling NI support at 866-275-6964.

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

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