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Channel address for field point network modules

Hi all,


I have a FP-1000 network module connected to FP-D0-210, FP-A0-210, and FP-AI-110. I am communicating with these modules through Terminal on OS-X; but i can't figure out addresses for corresponding channels in hexadecimal on these modules. Anything would be helpful.



Vibbhav Mittal 

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Hi vibbhav,

To communicate with a FP-1000 from Mac OS X, you need to follow the Optomux standard, as per the following KnowledgeBase article.

If you already have that end set up, I would suggest looking at the section on using Optomux in the User Manual for your device (which can be found on page 4-21), as well as the Programmer's Reference. The user manual covers how the modules are addressed. The programmer's reference covers reading channels, which appears to be performed via the module address and then a hexadecimal value representing the specific channels you wish to read from that module.$...

Charlie J.
National Instruments
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