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CFP-2100 with wireless

Dear friends, 

I am new here, we are using cFP -2100 with two analog sink block cFP AI-111 and one pulse block CTR-500 in our data axquisiacqu system to get analog data using 4-20ma on AI-111 and pulse data using nuflo mc-ii/III.


We want to go wireless. Life wireless transducers. Kindly guide me in this regard.

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We want to use same software, kindly help me in selecting new hardware

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What software do you plan on using? Also, I am a little confused on what hardware you need. Do you need help with the hardware you specified? Or identifying some different hardware to potentially use?


If you could explain more about the nuflo mc-ii/III section that would be great. I am not fully sure what that is. 




-Brian J.

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Thank you Brian.J for taking interest.

In our logger we have cFP-2100, with two Analog current input blocks and one pulse input block.


We have software in which we connect logger to computer. Our cFP-2100 have ip address.


Our software is getting data from compact Field point blocks, we have option to select channel for input to specific parameter.


We are planning to switch to wireless or hybrid system in which we have wired and wireless.


I have few questions:

Can we add wireless module in our current hardware to get data from wireless transducers and read it by selecting wireless channels?

Or we have to switch to wireless platform?

For wireless platform(new hardware) are we able to get the data from wireless tranducers by selecting the wireless channel for input? 



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I am not fully sure on adding  wireless modules to your cFP-2100. You can keep your cFP-2100, but upgrading normally does not hurt if you are able to do so. 


Here is some information on our wireless products.

Wireless Measurement Device Selection Guide:


That link might be able to answer some of you questions. Let me know if it helps!




-Brian J. 

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Dear Brain J

Thank for your support.



Haroon Rasheed

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