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No more embedded youtube videos?

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We can no longer enbed youtube vides, such as seen here.


If I now try to add an embedded youtube video, the post gets rejected (embedded video shows fine during preview)




(It tells me to re-post when I am satisfied, but I cannot, because am not satisfied unless this works again. :D)


Can we have that capability back? Thanks!

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Accepted by topic author altenbach

Rather than inserting HTML (iframe) to embed a YouTube video, you can click the video link in the text editor toolbar. You'll then see a screen where you can paste the video URL.




You can then see a preview and choose size and alignment options.




The process is different now due to some restrictions placed on certain HTML no longer being allowed in posts. (Discovered after the post you made the other day actually.)

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Thanks, I was pretty sure it had to do with my post you quoted.


(I was actually careful to say "I am surprised that lithium does not strip out some of these things...." and not "I am surprised that lithium does not strip out all of these things...." :D)


When did that video button appear? I never noticed it in the past.

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The video button is available as of today. It was introduced since now video embedding using iframes is no longer an option.

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