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E-LIST issue n°37


Welcome to the new E-LIST the LabVIEW Enthusiast List. For those who discover this topic, the E-LIST is an enumeration of all the Enthusiasts, subscribers to the NI forum (whatever the field of interest !) that gave at least 50 true replies. The Enthusiast file is updated during each week-end. A number of yield and kinetic parameters are recorded. The position in the List is a function of the total replies number. Questions, follows-up, breakpoint contributions are counted separately.

E-List is a simple spreadsheet file and can be opened with any text editor. However, the data can be visualized more comfortably using ListVIEW 2, a dedicated application, attached to this post. ListVIEW is pure G, and works on PC and Mac. Included is also a LV 6.1 version. In the future, I may re-introduce some of the stuff I was obliged to remove for compatibility reasons.

Since the Table indicator is one of the worst labVIEW objects, the development of ListVIEW required some energy and will (for instance to manage column width and format). So don't hesitate to reward this work with hundreds of stars 😉

The use of ListVIEW is mandatory if you want to know how enthusiastic you are : the Enthusiasm index is constructed using a combination of a number of informations. The corresponding equation is something like :

     Enthusiasm index = A x Quantity + B x Rate + C x Quality + D x Fun, and is calculated only by ListVIEW. The coefficients A, B, C and D have been generated automatically using Principal Component Analysis, but can still be tuned (that's why the E-index is not included in the spreadsheet file).
Please give your opinion on what should be their relative values

This is the fourth thread opened on this subject, after "the LIST" (130 posts - 840 readings), "Enthusiasts II" (222 posts - 1460 readings), and The LIST 2 (203 posts - 2514 readings). The List is probably the most popular topic on the NI forum !

Of course, it is surprizing to begin something as n°37 ! This is just the week number. Previous week E-Lists will be re-published soon, in order to update E-Trend, Tst's tandem graph application. The way the List is managed now allows a replay of the situation at any time in the past. Sorry, doesn't work for the future...

I have no time to comment further. Have a look to the impressive max reply rates (Top leader : Tst), or max stars collected within 24 hours (Top leader : Altenbach).

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Chilly Charly    (aka CC)

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First of all, it's still great work you're doing on the list-topic.

BUT - I'm not so pleased about the follow-up counting. If one asks a question and I give an answer, a new question may arise, which is answered again. But this would not be a real follow-up I'd say. So I would still prefer to count questions, answers and breaks separately.


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Thanks CC for your E-List and the great work that you contribute to it.

And thanks CC for taking the "Yapping Crown".  280 breaks...  You should be well rested by now 😉

I never imagined reaching the high contributors like labviewguru.  Especially not with the previous forum style.  😮

Keep up the great work CC!  And hope to see you at next years' NI-week..  😄

Ray (aka. JLV)

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Keep the good work CC!


LabVIEW, C'est LabVIEW

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Thanks CC.
ListVIEW has not only become a simple tool to browse the e-list, but is also a prime example of excellent coding style that everyone here should study. 😄
The diagram is just stellar! Arguably, this is one of the few applications that I have seen where the diagram might be even prettier than the front panel :o.
I has always been my belief that you should "lead by example", and if you look at the number of my attachments, you can see that I try to do so. Must of my attachments are made virtually from scratch to answer a specific question. Paraphrasing one of the LabVIEW Proverbs : "A diagram is worth a thousand words", I encourage everyone to always attach a VI. This applies equally to questions and answers and makes everything so much clearer. LabVIEW code is very visually oriented and words sometimes have difficulty to describe it.
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Very nice CC! And I agree with Christian that the diagram is elegant!


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Thanks to you all for the kind words !

I plan to redistribute most of the stars I'll receive. But not immediately... you'll have first to answer the  only question I asked !

May be I misused the word "follow-up". Here is my definition for it : a "follow-up" is a new question, or a comment added by the author of the original thread. The purpose is to make a difference with replies. Of course, it is possible to cheat, by happending questions to already opened threads. But this does not happen too often (and there are other ways to handle this situation... ;)).
Means that each contribution to a thread that was not opened by you will be counted as a reply. Do you feel better now ?

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Chilly Charly    (aka CC)

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Hmm - a german speaking would say "Jein" (mixture of yes and no). Because you don't make a difference between just "comments" and question arisen from the previous given answer. But as you said in the List2-thread, this would need more logic (which means again hours and hours in front of the computer) - so I can "accept" the E-List. Smiley Wink
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You do like to complicate things..  But if you're having fun, well so be it.

You want to distinguish answers to questions versus posts within a thread started by the author who is now answering /  commenting his own thread???   I know the sentence doesn't make sense, but you get the picture...

What about the following case: (which happened to a few of us):

We ask a question:  How do you do this...???...

...... no answers... so you keep digging..... dig some more... no answers still.... more digging....  dig dig dig dig dig... a hint at a solution... but still no answer to your question.... al of a sudden... VOILA!!!  SUCCESS!!  Yippie!!!  you solve your own problem. 

Then as a kind gesture to the community, you post your solution, so in effect, answering your own question.   So you don't want to count that as a actual answer?  why?  

oh.. boy... oh boy...  you're opening a can of worms..


Low and behold...  it's all OK.. because the E-List is a metrics which uses the same rules for everyone.  And after all, it is NOT a race to the top, we simply want to know how  we progress through the timeless line of contributions..  Does it matter whose question we answer?  Even our own??

On the matter of multiple posts within a thread...  that's another tough one.  How do you distinguish with accuracy actual replies vs additional details?  Then how do you deal with multiple posts to multiple stages of answers with multiple attachments of an evolving solution to a complex question which gets tackled in multiple parts???


I see a bunch of worms heading towards the north of France...  Must be fishing season... 😉


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at least somebody opened the About box with the speakers on...

Did you notice that it's even worse than the original ?

Chilly Charly    (aka CC)

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