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lab view programing team 3004

Team 3004 wants to know ,how to program 3 separate in dependent motors in lab view.

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The example projects show you how to program one set of independent motors.  I'm not sure which project you're working with from your post.  I'll be able to help more if you show me what you've already tried.

I'm going to guess you're working with the Arcade Drive project.  Open up the Begin VI and take a look at how the motors are set up in there.  You'll want to duplicate this logic with a different name for your new motors.  From there, you'll want to go to the Finish VI and duplicate the logic in that VI to close out the new motors.  Once you have that in place, you can open up the Teleop VI and use similar logic for the drive motors to control the other motors you're looking at.

For more focused help, show me what you're already trying.  Which project are you working with?  What are you hoping to do with these new motors?  How do you want to control these new motors?

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