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Windriver unable to make connection; PPC603 is not licensed

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This is my first year as a programming mentor so cRIO is new for me.  The team has a Windows 7 64-bit development machine and I've installed all of the software and 4 updates.  I figured out how to configure the network settings and have successfully used the 'imaging tool' (multiple times) to setup the C++ environment by formatting the controller (with

When I try to create a new connection in Windriver, I get an error message "CPU: PPC603 is not licensed".

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

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Not sure about this one but you may consider also posting your question on the first forum: or ChiefDelphi as there are a lot more C++ users on those groups.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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Accepted by topic author jnettleton

In the remote system tab, the Remote Target properties, there is a "Processor selection.  You need to select the "MPC5200".

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Thanks. I don't remeber any mention of the CPU type in the video or 'C++ getting started' document (perhaps it should be added).

A team member found the solution on his own. He changed the CPU to MPC5200 and created a successful connection before I arrived at the meeting last night.

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It looks like it's at the bottom of page 6 of the C/C++ Getting Started Guide

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The screenshot on page 7 shows "Processor: (default from target)". That could be why I missed it...

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