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Where is the stop comm VI?

I have been following a pdf. file on how to add a motor in labview, but because its set for 2014 Labview, not everything matches.  It was usually just some menus that are switched around, etc., but then it asks you to add a "stop communication" VI for the driver station. I cannot find this VI! So if anyone knows a substitute, or knows where this VI is, please answer. Thank you.

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I'm not sure what tutorial you are following, but that should never have been a VI you were required to add to your code and certainly isn't in 2015.

EDIT: Found the tutorial you were using I think:

That tutorial does not walk you through adding a motor to a robot project. It creates a standalone VI that controls a single motor. I would recommend checking out Tutorials 4, 5 and 7 found from the LabVIEW Splash Screen->Tutorials, then checking out the Motor Control example found from Support->Find FRC Examples

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That VI was replaced by the LabVIEW Stop VI.

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Labview Stop.png

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