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RoboRIO communication buses i2c/spi

Is the stand alone i2c port on the roborio on the same bus as the i2c communication from the mxp port?


We want to assure that there are no collisions between to important substystems (vision and navigation). The best way to ensure this is to connect them to the RoboRio using two separate buses. However, we would like to use i2c for the communication protocol for both of these two subsystems (component constraints). Any assistance would be very much appreciated. 


From the block diagram of the RoboRio, it seems like they are on two separate i2c buses, but we would like to confirm that information.

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Hey BaconBuilders, 


Thanks for asking! Those two ports are completely separate and handled separately internally to the roboRIO as well. You'll be able to use them both at the same time with no risk of collisions. Let us know if you have any other questions as you prep for build season! 



15 days till Kickoff, 



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Thank you, this allows us to put two important systems each on a separate bus!


One additional question regarding the RoboRIO.  Is there any diagnostic software for the Rio to check the function of the device?   Has anyone written software that can be used after the device posts to check the functionality and provide a report?  Is there a test procedure that can be run on RoboRIOs to confirm that it is robot ready?(LabVIEW project / VI) 


Thank you in advance for all the help this season.  Looking forward to 10am tomorrow!


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Are you looking for the roboRIO to do something of a self test or are you wanting to see diagnostic information after the match?


If you hit the gear just above the console in the Driver Station, it'll drop down a menu that includes logs.  You can open logs to see what happened during your matches.  This will include everything from reported brownouts to messages received from the field (match start, teleop start, etc) to battery levels to packet loss.  It's been running each time you've used the roboRIO.


I'm not sure what you're looking for with respect to confirmation of robot ready.  If you explain what you mean by that, I can share how I'd go about it.

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