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Recovering RoboRIO

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I think I've corrupted the RoboRIO when copying (maybe overwriting?) libraries over. I can connect to it in over Putty, and can access the web server configuration and NI-Max in safe mode. I can ping the device, but thats just about it when not in safe mode.

1) Updating firmware doesnt work (in safe-mode):

I always get an error, the same one when updating from NI-Max as when updating from the webserver (if I can connect in the first place)


2) Re-imaging doesnt work

Imaging tool gives this error


3) Reformatting doesn't work!

I was able to find the RoboRIO in safemode with the troubleshoot remote system discovery and then try reformatting.


This thread speaks of creating a recovery flash drive. Can someone tell me how to do so? I think I've covered all other options.

"I tried safemode and the status LED blinked continuosly (unrecoverable error). I called NI tech support at the number listed and they resolved my issue. They had me create a bootable flash drive for the RoboRIO. After running a recovery from the flash drive, I was able to image the RoboRIO from the imaging tool. Then I was able to update the firmware to the latest version.

I will not be sharing the instructions to create the recovery flash drive. You'll want to contact NI support if you need to go that route.

Thanks again to NI for the awesome support!"

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Accepted by topic author syedm101

You have another option before you need the recovery mode.

If you can SSH into the roboRIO in safe-mode, try running the format command on the target. This would also work in safe-mode using the serial console.

nisystemformat -f -t ubifs && nisystemformat -f -t ubifs -c

After this simply reboot the target and use the imaging tool.

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That did it! Thanks a bunch. I just wish I could've found this command earlier.

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Try DAQjr's suggestion.  Let us know how that goes.

If that fails, we'd want you to call in to work with the recovery tool. 

Edit: looks like we posted at the same time.  Good to hear you're up and running again.

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