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Labview Tank Drive Code

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I am building code for tank drive based on our code from last year, and new sources. However, there is an element that I just cannot find. Could anyone tell me what this is and where to find it?   


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Accepted by topic author shopteacher04

That vi is an old 2014 version of the now NT Write Value.

These are the vis that send data to the dashboard and they were updated in 2015.

The reason you can't find it is because it is not in the pallets anymore in 2015.

The new templated teleop looks like this now

New look of nt variables.png

The new "NT Write" is found in the dashboard pallet

nt libs.png

I would right click on the old vi and replace it with the new "NT Write" found the the dashboard pallet

rc on replace.png

The wires still may be broken after the replace.


Delete the broken wire

Click on the selection menu below the vi and select "NT Write Numeric Array"

Wire the ouput of the Drive vi to the input of the NT vi


Hope this helps

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Thank you so much!

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