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Labview FRC USB Camera Programming

I have looked everywhere I could find on how to do this. On our roboRio, I have plugged in a USB logitech webcam. I have then plugged an ethernet cable from our roboRio to our OM5P-AN router, and then an ethernet cable from the router into our laptop. When I open the driver station and enable our robot, I get a live feed from the camera, and the robot drives. When I disconnect the  ethernet cable from our laptop, the robot drives but we lose the signal from our camera. So how do I make the USB camera stream a live feed to our driver station without being connected via ethernet cable? I have no experience with vision assistant or anything other than labview. I have looked around online and I just cannot figure it out. If anyone could help us out it would be fantastic.

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Can you post your vision code or an image of you Vison Did you try to set the input of the camera open to USB 0




digging into the Vis I see that the only option for names of USB cameras


USB 0, USB 1, USB 2, USB 3 (must be these names exactly Cap USB space #)



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