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LabVIEW installation

I have troubles installating LabVIEW.

When I click in "Next" on "Run License Manager to activate the products." it doesn't send me anywhere. It suddenly stops and I can't install LabVIEW 2015.

I installed LabVIEW before, the version of 2014. Then I didn't find it in my programs so I eliminated all the files of National Instruments because I wanted to install the version of 2015. I went step by step and everything were fine untill I had to run the license manager. I have Windows 10 and an operative system of 64 bits so I don't think this could cause any problem.

Any idea of what could it be?

Thank you.

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Sorry to hear you're having troubles installing LabVIEW 2015. Are you using the installation media that came with your Kit of Parts (KoP), or did you download it from the NI website? If you downloaded it, you'll need the serial number from the envelope in the KoP. Try going to the NI License Manager from your Start menu, and clicking on 'Activate' in the upper-left-hand corner. The Manager should then prompt you for the serial numbers for any inactivated software.

If you're still having trouble, go ahead and give NI a call at 866-511-6285. They are available during the off-season for hardware repairs and software activations!


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I was able to go through the download and activation process on my computer.  I am trying to download and activate on two more computers (one for the team mentor who is going to learn LabView and teach it to the students and one for the students on the team).  The activation codes for the first computer won't work on the second computer (I haven't tried the 3rd one yet).  When I click for help with the activation, I do get the NI email with a code, but when I use it I receive a message that it has expired.  Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help.

***I should let you know that we are a new rookie team (our temporary FIRST number was 201700552, but we just received our permanent number which is 6547).  Since we are new, we do not have a KoP with serial numbers and activation codes.***  I have been using a serial number of M79X91506.

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Since you are a rookie team, you should be able to download and install the software using the trial versions, which will work for thirty days. I'm not sure where you got that serial number from, but that was for the 2014 competition, and expired back in January of this year. Were you able to activate the first computer with that number?

In any case, we're happy to help you try to sort out this on the phone. During the off-season, you can call us at NI to help with software activations and installations, and to help with any potential roboRIO damage. Our support number is: 866-511-6285. I'd recommend reaching out so we can help you more efficiently.


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