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FRC Training Material and Resources


(but you can still use the links below)

Our fancy new page will be up by kickoff!


Welcome to the FRC LabVIEW Training Page!


The following is a list of all the training material available about LabVIEW both that NI has created as well as some links to external resources.


Part A: Getting Started - The Basics of the FRC System

FRC Robot Framework Tutorial

Basic Motor Control Tutorial

Sensor Basics Tutorial

Safety Config Tutorial


Part B - Using the Tools - Essential Concepts for Building and Programming Your Robot

FRC Basic and Advanced Training

FRC WPI Robotics Library Overview

Driver Station Tutorial

Dashboard Tutorial

Robot Simulation Tutorial

Test Mode Tutorial

Autonomous Timed Movement Tutorial

What is LabVIEW, Basics, and Useful Tips Presentation


Part C: Building a Better Robot - Complex Concepts to Bring Your Robot to Life

PID Tutorial

Image Processing Tutorial

Programming for Performance Tutorials


Other Resources

FIRST: Getting Started with the 2015 FRC Control System


LabVIEW Learning Videos

Vision Target White Paper

[Video] FRC 2013 - Getting Started with cRIO & LabVIEW


Where can i send a roboRIO for repair?

Active Participant
Active Participant

You can call 866-511-6285 between 8AM-6PM Central to talk to one of our techs.  They'll want to do some troubleshooting to see if they can fix what's wrong quicker than going through the RMA process.  If you're unable to fix it together, they can process the RMA.

Generally, finding help for roboRIO and FIRST works best by starting at and clicking the "Need Help?" roboRIO to get all of the help resources.  That includes the forums and the phone