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FRC 2014 NI Software Licensing

Will the 2014 NI Software (Primarily LabVIEW 2013) actually expire? I have been hearing multiple places that it will not, but when I went on to re-install the software on a new classmate, I got a message saying that it will end in XX days. It was however many days until some date in January and it was not 30, so they activation did succeed. I am mainly asking due to the fact that we still have 2 cRIOs (8 slot) and would sill like to use them for demonstration and outreach reasons.

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The FRC 2014 software (from last season) should be licensed indefinitely.  It sounds like it might not be fully activated.

Can you open the NI License Manager and take a look at the color of the boxes next to the software?  The link below explains what licensing status is indicated by each color.

If the boxes are not all green, then your software is likely not fully activated.  If they are and you're still experiencing the same problem, then I would recommend giving NI FIRST Support a call at 866-511-6285

Best of luck this season!

Kelly B.

National Instruments
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